Evan Bacon


I make games of people I work with, and tweet with. You can find me online using emojis in my licenses. 😱

Spin the Bottle

Nic Sedlazek project

Map Clusters

broken atm 😅

Firebase initialize app

Example of using Firebase in a snack.

Link to instagram

No description

raw pixel data

No description

spring snack

No description

File Upload with expo

WebBrowser not WebView


No description


No description

Collada Loader

No description

Follow us on

No description

three skybox

No description


Space Invaders

Progress button

No description

three.js red box

A three.js demo

kiwi test

Space Invaders

Three.js Skinned Mesh

Example of using a Skinned Mesh in Three.js

Phaser.js Example

Example of using phaser-ce to create cooool games in Expo, actual game based on: http://jojoee.github.io/phaser-examples/games/circle-path/

three voxel alt

No description

Challenge Toast abstract

Challenge, Trophie, Award, Achievement, toast, notification, animation, stagger, animated

three voxel

No description

Doodle Jump Simple backup

React EU game workshop


No description

OBJ Loader

No description

mapbox gl

No description

Share: Excluded Activity Types

A demonstration of excluding options in the Share sheet

Light Box

No description