About Expo

Expo is a mobile app development tool that enables you to build high quality native iOS and Android applications using JavaScript and deploy them effortlessly.

Expo apps are React Native apps which contain the Expo SDK. The SDK is a native-and-JS library which provides access to the device’s system functionality (things like the camera, contacts, local storage, and other hardware). That means you don’t need to use Xcode or Android Studio, or write any native code.

Expo also provides services which typically are a pain to manage but are required by almost every app. Most popular among these: Expo can manage your Assets for you, it can take care of Push Notifications for you, and it can build native binaries which are ready to deploy to the app store.

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Core Team

Charlie Cheever
James Ide
Jess Hui
Brent Vatne
Adam Miskiewicz
Ben Roth
Nikhilesh Sigatapu
Jesse Ruder
Adam Perry
Jim Lee


Satyajit Sahoo
Janic Duplessis
Charles Vinette
Greg Kufera
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Paul Graham
Jessica Livingston
Y Combinator
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