Easily build apps with React Native

Expo lets web developers build truly native apps that work across both iOS and Android by writing them once in just JavaScript. It's open source, free and uses React Native.

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Mobile App

Our Expo client app lets you preview projects built on Expo. You can test your projects live on your mobile device as you code, and share anytime with anyone.

Desktop XDE

XDE (the Expo Development Environment) is a standalone desktop app that includes all dependencies you'll need to start building apps right away.

CLI tool

Our exp CLI tool is a terminal program that lets you start building Expo projects right away.

npm install exp --global

Play with React Native

With Expo Snack you can try your ideas online, then publish and share them with anyone, anytime.

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Instantly test your code anywhere

Write your code in the browser. For every time you hit Save, a new link is created so you can share your project with others.

Pre-defined components

New to React? Drag our pre-written components into the web editor and learn how they work without writing a line of code.

Embed your code

Made something you’re proud of? Embed it in a website to show it off or use it in documentation to demonstrate how it works.

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Need help?

The best way to get help with your Expo project and React Native is to join the community forums or Slack.