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Expo XDE stands for Expo Development Environment, and it helps everyone start, develop and publish React Native projects. Download it here:

Expo exp

Are you comfortable in a command line environment? Instead of downloading Expo XDE you can install our command line program to work on Expo projects. Get started here.

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Expo releases

Expo SDK versions under 13.0.0 are no longer supported.

Expo SDK History

22.0.0React Native 0.49.3.tar.gz
21.0.0React Native 0.48.4.tar.gz
20.0.0React Native 0.47.1.tar.gz
19.0.0React Native 0.46.1NotesDocs.tar.gz
18.0.0React Native 0.45.0NotesDocs.tar.gz
17.0.0React Native 0.44.0NotesDocs.tar.gz
16.0.0React Native 0.43.0NotesDocs.tar.gz
15.0.0React Native 0.42.0Docs.tar.gz
14.0.0React Native 0.41.0NotesDocs.tar.gz
13.0.0React Native 0.40.0Docs.tar.gz

Latest Expo Client

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Other resources

Brand, assets and styles

Expo Client

Use the Expo Client to try any project. Scan the QR code with your phone after you click “Open with Expo”

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A simple score counter for the card game Sushi Go! by Gamewright.

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Updated 4 months ago

Your mission: to breakout. From where? Beneath the surface somewhere maybe. https://github.com/brentvatne/breakout

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Updated 11 months ago

Guide the warp square across the bridge of sorrows. github.com/terribleben/warp-square

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Updated 2 days ago

The endless arcade hopper you'll never want to put down

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Updated 4 weeks ago

A configurable Mobile UI http://mobile.ant.design/

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Updated 4 months ago

GL React Native Cookbook

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Updated 3 months ago

Demonstrates the various capabilities of react-native-tab-view: https://github.com/react-native-community/react-native-tab-view

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Updated 5 months ago

This experience shows a bunch of the native components that you can use in React Native core and Expo. Hit the button in the top right for the components in the Expo SDK.

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Updated 2 days ago

Using victory-native in Expo, see the source: , see the source: https://github.com/expo/examples/blob/master/with-victory-native

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Updated 6 months ago