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z yin


Sorry, you are not allowed to load "...."

9 months ago

zas fnngh


iOS is doomed

8 months ago



I get "Sorry, you are not allowed to load 'React Native Motion Example' ". I'm on iOS

9 months ago

Praphan Oranphanlert


Expo Link does not work on my IOS expo.

10 months ago

Murat Erdoğan Maker on Expo


How to open this with expo client(ios)? There is no button to read qr code

11 months ago

Berke D.


@muraterd You may use "request a link" section on this page and get a link on your phone by entering your phone number or email address. You'll be able to launch this snack on ios expo client by clicking on the link that you'll receive.

11 months ago

Murat Erdoğan Maker on Expo


@berke thank you for yor answer. I tries to send me a link but when i tried to open the link with expo client it says "Expo client can only be used to view your own project." I think they changed this behavior.

10 months ago

Carlos Solares Maker on Expo


@muraterd Use the QR reader that comes with your default camera app

10 months ago

ecode_utp Maker on Expo


@muraterd yes you are correct. you can only view your project only, this is due to appstore policy. :)

7 months ago

Jiří Otáhal Creator


Source code -

11 months ago

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