Aman Mittal @amanhimself amandeepmittal

Fullstack Developer

Quarantine Pro

The app is all about how long you have been quarantining. As a user, you input the date when you started isolating and the app is going to display a fun message to tell you how far you have come in the quarantine “game”. This app is built wih the awesome team Jscrambler for a new React Native and Expo blog post. This app uses various Expo modules such fonts (useFonts hook), expo-web-browser and other modules like date-time-picker-modal, momentjs and custom font.

Miniamilist Todo app

Manage your daily tasks like in a Minimalist manner.

This project uses Expo SDK v34.0.0If you want to open this project, the author will need to update the project's SDK version.

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