Come work with us

We have a team of exceptionally strong engineers from a variety of backgrounds (including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley). Last year we participated in Y Combinator. We’re core contributors to React Native, and collaborate regularly with Facebook and other companies on the direction of the framework.

On the spectrum of employees to partners, everyone on our team works largely as a partner. Each of us exercises a high degree of independence around what we work on and how we approach it. We choose the hours and locations that work for us; for example, our office is in Palo Alto but we have engineers in Seattle and Vancouver. We can do this because we’re all highly motivated to bring this vision to life, and trust one another to keep moving forward.

Our work

Our work includes a rare combination of fun, interesting, and hard technical problems. Our product has the potential to be used by everyone with a mobile phone. Most other projects with the potential for that breadth need huge teams (e.g. self-driving cars or VR), but at Expo we can cover a lot of ground with a small team of high-quality people.

Our technology is built around an Android/iOS application that allows developers to load their JavaScript projects on the fly with no native build dependencies or wait time for store deployment. Out of the box, developers using Expo get access to native mobile APIs like push notifications, camera, maps, and more.

We have a lot of irons in the fire, so we're looking for contributors who can comfortably own and work on multiple projects. By the nature of our product, each of these projects is likely to touch a number of different technologies. People on our team are comfortable jumping from one stack to another and determining the best tool for the task at hand.

Although our core product uses React Native, no experience with React or React Native is needed. We've found that talented people can learn it quickly.

Some of our ongoing projects

  • Creating cross-platform APIs, libraries, and components that enable Expo developers to make better apps.
  • Building fast, reliable infrastructure that powers our community, sends code over the air, builds native apps on demand, and more.
  • Building a community app to explore projects our users are making with Expo.
  • Improving our desktop and CLI developer tools to make sure our users have the best experience creating their apps.
  • And many more!

Our tech stack

Full time job openings

Product ManagerPalo Alto, California
EngineerPalo Alto, California
DesignerPalo Alto, California