Fall in Love

See how quickly you can turn your ideas into performant universal apps before installing a thing.


Download NodeJS

Get started with Node to use everything in the JS ecosystem, including Expo and React Native. We recommend using the latest Node version.


Get the command line tool

You will run this tool locally to package, serve, and publish your projects.

npm install expo-cli --global


Create your first project

You will be asked to create an Expo account before proceeding.

expo init myNewProject
cd myNewProject
expo start


Preview your project

Open Expo Client on your device. Scan the QR code printed by expo start with Expo Client (Android) or Camera (iOS). You may have to wait a minute while your project bundles and loads for the first time.


Start coding!

Select your favorite editor, like Atom, VSCode, Sublime Text, Vim, or Emacs, open yourProject/App.js, and start building! We recommend following the tutorial.