The fastest way from an idea to a native experience

Expo is a free and complete workflow for creating next-generation apps for iOS and Android

Build universal native apps with ease

Expo enables you to build universal native apps using only JavaScript. Use your favorite text editor to write powerful React Native components without ever opening Xcode or Android Studio.

In addition to React Native components, you'll have access to the Expo SDK, a library that provides a wide variety of native APIs on iOS and Android. Expo can also manage your assets for you, take care of push notifications, and build your final native binary for submission to the app store.

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One Codebase, Multiple Platforms

  • Unify your team, your workflow, and your codebase around one project.

  • Write React components in JS, render native components on both iOS and Android.

  • Maintain product parity on both platforms.

Leverage the Power of React Native

  • Expo projects are React Native projects.

  • Take advantage of powerful developer tools like Remote Debugging and Hot Module Reloading.

  • Participate in a growing open source community.

Read more about how Expo and React Native work together.

Publish Updates Instantly

  • Build native binaries with our build service.

  • No need to use Xcode or Android Studio.

  • Publish updates over the air whenever you want.

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