Satyajit Sahoo


Front-end dev. React Native Core Contributor. JavaScript & CSS. DC Comics fan. Introvert. Atheist. Globe Earther.

React Native Tab View Quick Start

Quick Start sample for React Native Tab View

authentic milkshake

No description

Shared Transitions

Simple image gallery with shared transition animations

Reanimated Stacks

No description

Reanimated Drawer

No description

Material Design Cutout

Inset FAB cutout as per material design guidelines.

callstack/react-native-paper @ Nov 8, 2018

auto-growing button

No description

React Native Tab View Lazy Load

Lazy load sample for React Native Tab View

React Native Tab View Custom TabBar

Custom TabBar in React Native Tab View

scrollable cards

No description

Reanimated Tabs

Tabs with Reanimated and Gesture Handler

Web View bug

No description

chat screen

No description

callstack/react-native-paper @ Sep 2, 2018