Manage your cryptocurrencies and stay up to date with market insights and profit / cost tracking.

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This is the excellent article:

4 months ago

Tyler Ruby


Wow this is awesome. I'm just getting the hang of React Native, how would I build an app like this? What libraries, UI Kit, etc did you use? Thanks!

1 year ago

Jason Werner Creator


@tylerruby expo handles most of the heavy lifting so apart from that you just need a state manager like redux and a navigator like react-navigation. For UI components check out react-native-elements and ant-design-mobile

1 year ago

Jason Werner Creator


Cosmo is an app for tracking all your cryptocurrency investments. The focus of it is going to be on automation. Currently Bittrex syncing is supported with more to exchanges / wallets to come. Check it out 👇👇👇 iOS: Android:

1 year ago

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