PocketGear is a clean and simple Pokédex app for Pokémon GO you'll ever need.

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ainulbedjo Maker on Expo


do you have any recommendation tutorial for me as a beginner in react native, i just wanna make a great app like this. is this app implementing recyclerView ?.. iam looking for recyclerView-like package beacause there is a 'lag' after render if i use flatList thanks

3 months ago



That was really good, seriously. -

4 months ago

Mirza Shareque


Good One! But, how you have manage TabNavigation as a component in the Screen?

12 months ago

Liam Larsen



1 year ago

Kelly DC


Awesome app. I wish there is an exit button and go back to Expo App

1 year ago

son nguyen Maker on Expo



1 year ago

Brent Vatne Maker on Expo


Nice work @satya164 ;)

1 year ago



2 weeks ago

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