MStore Pro - Complete React Native template for e-commerce. More detail - Make with ♥ by InspireUI -

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if anyone needs customization's at an affordable price whats app me on 256795559358 basic customization's will be done freely

5 months ago

Pham Pham Creator


This is fake, please don't contact !

5 months ago

inspireui-demo Maker on Expo


@minhcasi .. I cannot show it on Expo IOS client ... it keeps showing message ( There was a problem loading the requested app ... Experience for platform "ios" is not viewable by you. You will need to authenticate or ask the author to grant you acces )

1 month ago

mohamed mansouri Maker on Expo


Thank you for your mstore app , it is really good and so useful , but in the current version (3.4.5) there are many issues compare withe the previous version , such as : - the signup page . - numbers of whishs doesn't shows in the footer bar - after login in sidemenu stay 'login' and changed to 'logout' only when we refresh. -the facebook auth stay not fixed yet

10 months ago

Pham Pham Creator


@elmansouri1 - Hi, these issues were fixed on latest version v3.4.8 - thank you!

9 months ago

mohamed mansouri Maker on Expo


@minhcasi the display of payment with Stripe is not good , it looks like a webpage display , any idea ? i am waiting your response , thank you.

8 months ago



@elmansouri1 you can use tipsi-stripe get improve the UX for stripe, the reason we update the current approach to make it work for most of payment gateway from WooCommerce

7 months ago

omar shiha


source code ?

1 year ago

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