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Amed Kino Maker on Expo


Still no response :/ we are not allowed to load the app on mobile.

1 week ago



How to install in expo any guide required public key access needed ?

2 weeks ago



Any update on how one might view the kitchen sink? Expo won't open it on my iphone or in my browser.

2 weeks ago

Joel Kendall


@cp-sean can ios users access this?

2 weeks ago

Jerome Laurens


@les51 exactly same here, Always saying that I can only view my own project

3 weeks ago



im seeing once yesterday.. inside my mba. now it's all gone i dont know where?

3 weeks ago

William Henry


I can’t see the demo app

4 weeks ago

Lester Tan


Hi I can’t access it as it says can only view only own projects.

4 weeks ago

li dazhao


1 month ago



This is just awesome! Can't wait to get to use this now.

1 month ago



Exciting and can't wait to use it on the project!

2 months ago

Chris Mcconachie


how do we see this app demo now? i get the same error as @klavs.buss

3 months ago

Klavs Buss


"Expo Client can only be used to view your own projects. Are you signed in to the correct Expo account?"

3 months ago

Paul McKellar


@klavs.buss me too.

3 months ago



Great Job. Congratulations team !!!

4 months ago

Michael Ossareh


This is really great work!

5 months ago

omar shiha


where is the source code ?

6 months ago

Muhammad Umair



6 months ago

Hugo Barbosa


Amazing project! Exquisitely done to the tiniest detail.

6 months ago

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