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Fernando Molica


Nao funciona

2 months ago

Daniele Tatti


On my Android 7.1.2 it gets stuck on the start page. No menu options work. Any comments @fandekasp ?

3 months ago

João Oliveira


It looks like nothing works

3 months ago

vitor Hugo Bento dos santos


@FANDEKASP I did it, but no one other command appear, only the initial page.

3 months ago

Adrien Lemaire Maker on Expo


@VHBCWB you just need to install the Expo client on your iOS or android device (check links in the bottom right of this page), then scan the QR code (can't miss it on the right).

3 months ago

vitor Hugo Bento dos santos


How works ?

3 months ago

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