A playlist of some songs that Greg likes to demo the first version of the Exponent Audio API.

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I am confused, is this still working?

5 months ago

Cheline Magsano Maker on Expo


I was almost done with a project until I came across audio implementation. Please update..

8 months ago

Jimmy Lee

@jimmylee please check this out. It has been updated. The original maintainer of our Audio API is no longer working on it so I apologize for the lack of maintenance.

8 months ago

Alex Wynter


@jimmylee The link above gives a "Project does not exist"

6 months ago

songhee Park


please update project

8 months ago

Jimmy Lee


@fresa please see the reply I left @mariachleine

8 months ago

Andy Gertjejansen


Linked in the docs but unusable since it is out of date.

10 months ago

Daggie Blanqx


@quantumew How do I open this app / app code ... I am creating an app but I am stuck on audios

9 months ago

Jimmy Lee


@daggieblanqx @quantumew please see the reply I left @mariachleine

8 months ago

This project needs an update

This project uses Expo SDK v15.0.0. If you want to open this project, the author will need to update the project's SDK version.

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