KYC ( AI Powered Know Your Customer ) App

By ahgarni


AI powered Know Your Customer (KYC) and Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA) App. It is ideal for organizations looking to deploy an identity solution that helps them to verify and authenticate users by confirming that they are who and where they say they are. The KYC app expedites the process of verifying customer identity through AI models. The app redefines the end user experience of the KYC & ID verification process. It includes face recognition, face matching, and OCR to extract and analyze ID document data. Important Notes For Testing Demo Link - App supports passport document only. - We don't collect or store any information of user while testing, you can use your own passport to test. - Appducks api doesn't persist your data. It wipes up all images every now and then. - If you have any privacy concerns, use this fake passport image for testing:

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